Every detail of your hotel design creates a comprehensive experience for your customers and makes a profit. Hence, we prepared an ultimate guide for you to discuss the 5-Star Hotel Design Guidelines 2019.

Hotel design trends you shouldn’t miss in 2019

Hoteliers should always keep their fingers on the pulse and track societal changes and target the audience’s taste as they influence your visitors’ demands. Along with the regular expectations, you can implement some of the following ideas, depending on your visitors’ profile and your brand.

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Eco is a current trend in all the fields of our society. To make your hotel look more eco-friendly, use a harmonious composition and a moderate color palette. All the materials must be natural and safe for the environment and people, such as stone, wood, wool, cotton, cork, ceramic, flax.


Modern users capture all the moments and share them via social media, in particular on Instagram. So, hotels in 2019 compete in their Instagramabilty, designing every single corner in the best way for Instagram posts. To achieve this effect use walls with accents, artistic lamps, and details.


Handcraft furniture

The best furniture manufacturers cease mass production and produce unique pieces, implementing handcraft technologies. Renewed vintage furniture, the 30s, 50s, 70s- pieces, and 60s-patterns are again in the interior design game.


Green indoors

Your guests will definitely enjoy the natural view and refreshing environment indoors.  Incorporate all-season terraces and living walls with gorgeous plants, and customers will not leave your hotel willingly.

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Warm colors

 Coral is an official color trend in  2019. It is especially felicitous, considering its compatibility with trendy warm hues that are getting the torch from the grey palette this year. If you match coral with golden details, it will create a luxurious and magnificent impression.


Standards for hotel design 


When guests stay at a 5-star hotel, they have expectations that every 5-star hotel must offer the same quality of service. So, what are they? 


A bathroom is the main concern for some guests as it is supposed to be properly located, eye-candy and comfortable at the same time.

The best location for a bathroom is between a corridor and a bedroom to make a sound barrier for a peaceful sleeping area. Besides, this isolation provides access from a corridor to a bathroom for the services without access to the bathroom through the bedroom.

The main materials for 5-star bathrooms are marble and granite. Ceilings should be embellished with beams, treys, medallions, decorated moldings.

Bathrooms must have enough counter space, ventilation, and enhanced sanitary facilities. Dimmable colored lights large mirrors, candles, sound systems contribute to a luxurious atmosphere.

In 2019, the anti-trend of bathroom design is a tile with a wooden pattern that became old-fashioned.

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Lobby defines the overall impression that a hotel creates, starting from the entrance ending the reception areas.

  1. Reception areas

In the luxurious hotels, reception areas must express status and inspire guests to stay. For example, the check-in desk should provide a visible view of the lounge area and coax the guest into walking inside. A place for multiple conversational groupings with private areas is also important for your guests.

Furniture out of solid wood, laminate insets, leather, veneer finishes will highlight prestige.

  1. Elevator

Well-designed elevators are a way to show you are attentive to details. Furnish them with sofas, lamps, artworks, mirrors chairs, fountains, thus, you provide delight in every corner of your hotel.


A bed is definitely the chief of the bedroom. The high-quality sheets, various sets of pillows are out of the discussion. Other indispensable pieces you should include are original artworks, high-density carpets, full-length mirror.

Less favorable colors for bedrooms are green and yellow.  On the contrary, you can achieve an exceptional chic with purple and white. Thus, white furnishings and white carpets will make your clients perceive their rooms elite and well-maintained, meanwhile, purple creates associations with a night sky.

Also, if you want to know more information about how to increase your customer satisfaction you have to read this topic: How To Meet Customer’s Needs and Expectations In Hospitality.

How to create an outstanding design for 5-star hotels

Conduct ultimate research

To improve your hotel design, you should know how your guests perceive the interior. You can ask them to fill in feedback forms, however, this method isn’t reliable because most of the guests reluctantly complete them. So, how to evaluate your hotel design and interior? Collaborate with mystery shopping services!

 Independent mystery shoppers get trained to objectively evaluate your hotel, paying attention to the important details. They provide evidence that mystery shopping agencies use to analyze your service and give comprehensive recommendations.

Express your story

Every 5-star hotel creates its brand story and tries to promote this idea. However, if the story is convincing, but the hotel design doesn’t correlate with it, it is quite a disappointing experience for your guests. So, every touchpoint must express your story. 

Help designers

Designers can create an outstanding outline, but it will be off the books without a complete picture of your customers and your market. So, the mutual work of hoteliers and designers is indispensable. Give advice and provide important information about your customer’s preferences, market, and your brand story,


There are no unimportant details about your guests. Especially, in 2019, when the personalization is a motto for all the industries. Guests want to feel special, and CRM system will help you to analyze their preferences and get more insights.


Hotel design is a complex element in customers’ experience. It has its standards and trends to follow and to implement them accordingly to your guests’ profiles. However, modern marketing tools, like CRM-systems and mystery shopping, can effectively help you.

The Ultimate Guide for 5-Star Hotel Design Guidelines 2019

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