Why do you need hotel mystery shopping services?

Is improving the quality of service of your hotel your biggest concern? As a hotel manager, you definitely want your hotel to have the best reputation among its rivals in the market, and then, get a higher market share and ROI. 

Mystery Shopping

In fact, hotel mystery shopping services help hotels grow, as it will aid the hotel in focusing the resources on the areas that will increase its profit.
The success of any business depends heavily on its brand reputation, which comes as a result of the excellent ”wow” customer service and the overall experience provided to the guests.
Hospitality, in essence, is the friendly, warm and sincere attitude for handling strangers, in the hospitality industry, this approach is used towards “guests” of the hotel.
A hotel mystery shopping checklist is prepared to cater to an evaluation report from a customer perspective, starting from the first impression that the guest faced till the checkout, going through his entire visit, but from a professional point of view, to provide analysis and conclusion that is not biased.

A Hotel mystery shopping checklist may vary according to the deal and aspects or issues that each hotel wants to inspect and improve.

Here is an example of the most commonly tested areas in the hospitality mystery shopping industry:


Arrival and Check-in:

  1. Was the guest greeted with a warm smile and eye contact upon arrival at the building?
  2. Was the lobby clean? Was the atmosphere of it (design-light and music) warm?
  3. Was guest registration conducted in proper time (5 to 8 minutes)?
  4. Was the front-desk officer addressing the guest with his name and telling engaging questions about the trip itself?
  5. Was the guest asked about his ID and booking confirmation including stay dates?
  6. Were the package, room type, and payment method confirmed?
  7. Was the guest provided by all the information about hotel facilities?
  8. Was the guest provided with luggage assistance and directions to the room? 
  9. Was the conversation with guests ended by “Thank you and enjoy your stay”?


General Area:

  1. Were the standard fire orders and first aid signs clear and visible?
  2. Was the temperature acceptable and comfortable?
  3. Was the noise level controlled in a professional way?
  4. Was the furniture in good condition and undamaged?
  5.  Were the stair treads and handrails in a good condition and safe?

Guest Room:

  1. Were doors of the room and light switches functioning properly?
  2. Was the window glass free of damage and clean?
  3. Were the drapes easy to open and close?
  4. Was the upholstery clean?
  5. Were air conditioners in good working condition and air conditioning filters clean?
  6. Was bedspread free of stain and straight?
  7. Were pillows fluffed?
  8. Were beds properly made and free from hair or litter?
  9. Was the under bed place clean?
  10. Were walls clean, free of cobwebs and scratches?
  11. Were all the lights free from dust?
  12. Was the floor of the room clean, drainage and in a good condition?
  13. Was furniture free of nicks and scratches?
  14. Were furniture drawers functioning?
  15.  Was the telephone working? 
  16. Was TV- remote working, well-tuned and free of dust?
  17. Were vaporizer and tea and coffee makers available, dust-free and in good working condition?
  18. Was the dust bin clean and correctly placed?


  1. Was the toilet well cleaned (toilet seat clean from both sides)  and free of stains and in perfect working condition?
  2. Were the shower, wall lights, mirror, curtains and shower cabinet, and louvers clean?
  3. Were the walls, ceiling, and floor of the bathroom dust free?
  4. Was hot and cold water supplied?
  5. Was the bathroom free of unpleasant odors?
  6. Were towel rack and pedal bin dust free?
  7. Was there the availability of supplying fresh towels?

Food order:

  1. Was the order delivered completely, with everything selected from the menu, and at the proper time?
  2. Was the food temperature acceptable?
  3. Was the range of food options in the menu satisfying?

Check out:

  1. Was the guest asked about their stay?
  2. Was there a problem? If so did the clerk offer an apology and provide a solution?

Hotel Mystery Shopping Checklist
As a general manager of a hotel, you are keen on sustaining and improving the quality of service you offer, especially with the tough competition in the hospitality industry, it is essential for you to ensure that:

  1. Your customers get the experience that they will never forget and leave positive feedback at the hotel and/or on social media, or on online review sites such as Tripadvisor and Yelp
  2. Effective communication is conducted between all departments of your hotel.
  3. Your hotel offers high-quality services that meet the standards and policies of international hotels 

Hotel mystery shoppers are not restricted to inspection that is based on the above checklist only, as they can also do/elicit fake problems to test time, crisis management and problem-solving skills of employees and clerks of the hotel and according to your team response and performance in these situations.

 As general manager of the hotel, after that inspection, you will know the gaps that need improvement. Based on this, you’ll be able to provide your staff with the required training, which in return, will increase your ROI. 

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The Ultimate Hotel Mystery Shopping Checklist

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