A loss of clients always hovers above your business: 76% of customers said even one unpleasant contact center experience was likely to make them change the company. Hence, a call center is a mediator between your bank and your customers that encourages business growth and boosts clients’ trust. But how to stick to all call center standard metrics for a bank and satisfy your customers? Here are 4 tips.

How to meet standard call center metrics for a bank?


1. Evaluate your quality performance

To be sure that your contact center workflow complies with standards, you must conduct staff assessment and their performance evaluation. As your employees are the face of the whole bank, you must find their shortcomings in their work.  You can use a customer survey and feedback forms for this purpose. The advantage of these methods is in getting the information from the first source, however, it may be inaccurate because customers rush to get their services and give feedback at random just for the record. So, to gather relevant information, you must conduct a huge amount of surveys and their deep analysis. To save time and get a more complete picture of your call center, you can benefit from mystery shopping. Specially trained secret shoppers inspect your call centers from the customers’ point of view. After performance evaluation mystery shopping companies give recommendations based on international standards to help you make improvements.

2. Train your employees effectively

To evaluate your personnel isn’t enough to meet the quality standards. If you deduct penalties from the salary of your employees but do not invest in their development, they barely change their work style, except for cases of flagrant negligence. Constant training and motivational programs will increase their effectiveness. Despite high staff turnover, some call center agents spend between 3% and 8% of their time on serious call centers’ education. If your educative sessions are still random and introductory,  it will be you who lose money because of the customer’s dissatisfaction, caused by the work of untrained staff. However, to get a profit from personnel training, move away from monotonous methods for a show. Think about interesting and engaging formats.

3. Use technologies and IT systems  

The excitement about robots and technologies is increasing, and banks can take advantage of IT tools to meet international call center standards. To achieve process excellence in 2019, arrange your call center up-to-date. Use unified communications and collaboration (UCC) tools, make them omnichannel, choose cloud communication strategy,  unify communications across channels into one stream, use social media.

4. Take security measures

Call center fraud has increased by 113%. As security is paramount for the financial sector,  banks should take extra measures not to endanger customers and meet security standards. For example, to increase your security level you must constantly review your security processes, implement security questions that only the authorized customers can answer and used not in a written form. To store the conversation and meet bank security standards, you can use speech analytics software like CallMiner that removes confidential information.

Here is the full guide that discusses how to meet international online banking security standards.


Call center workflow must strictly follow international quality standards because it influences customer’s satisfaction and their finance safety and, consequently, your profit and reputation. However, with new technologies, such as CallMiner, and traditional methods, though, keeping up with times, such as mystery shopping, it is not complicated to meet bank call center standards.

How to meet standard call center metrics for a bank?

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