“Under-promising, Over-delivering” has always been one of the most successful strategies to meet customer’s needs and expectations in the hospitality industry and other industries as well. 

Whether you fulfill the needs and wants of your guest, or you provide him/ her with an experience that exceeds their expectations, in both ways, your guest would be satisfied.

So, let’s explore how to meet your customer’s needs and expectations in the hospitality industry:

  1. Always Tell The Truth

Earning the trust of your guests is the key to meet their expectations. Do not try to hide information from them, do not market services you do not actually offer, being transparent and honest when giving information about your hotel is critical, because these are the factors that shape your customers’ expectations.

   2. Use Guest Reviews

Guest reviews are a powerful tool to set your guests’ expectations, share happy experiences and stories of your guests in your hotel, this will not only help you correct your potential guest’s expectations but will also give you more credibility.

  3. Simplify the buying process

Your potential customer doesn’t want to waste time trying to understand the layout of your website and how to book your services. Make your website layout clear and simple, don’t ask your guest to fill-in too much information, list all your services and make sure your website visitors can easily find them and conduct booking easily especially for the mobile version.

4. Improve your customer service

The impact of customer service is undeniable. Most of the customers evaluate their satisfaction from services according to their customer experience.

With chatbots, quick or even instant replies became an important factor in follow up. Customers are looking for fast answers to any questions they may have. They want their problems to be solved as quickly as possible. Hotels need to offer various channels of interaction. Enable your clients to contact you via phone, but also email, chat boxes and social media. And of course, just like your website, make them easily accessible via mobile devices.


Only 4% of disappointed customers get back to you, besides, negative feedback reaches twice as many compared to positive feedback. You never hear from 96%. Here comes the role of mystery shopping! Mystery shopping aids you in meeting your customers’ expectations by providing simple, objective observations of your staff and operations through very well trained and certified mystery shoppers. 


How To Meet Customer’s Needs and Expectations In Hospitality

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