Any shortcomings in restaurant performance may be the reason why your clients don’t want to repeat their experience and, which is even more crucial, spread negative opinions about it. Hence, problems with revenue, a decreasing number of visitors, and a higher rate of rejected orders. How to find the source of all of that? Restaurateurs who take all the measures of boosting the business reputation request mystery shopping inspections for this purpose. Keep reading to know why.

Advantages Of Mystery Shoppers For Restaurants

Detection of the nonconformity with standards

Overall, Mystery shopping helps to reveal more than 70 defects from the first impression to the moment of payment. Here, some of the most common issues that mystery shoppers can reveal.

Advantages of mystery shoppers for restaurants were covered

  1. Unprofessional personnel

Your employees are the face of your restaurant. Even if you have a great place and qualitative meals, unfriendly, unattentive personnel may spoil the overall impression. Knowledge of menu, knowledge of the dishes and beverages, their ingredients, and stop-lists are also important for a loyal audience. If you have special programs but they are not offered to the mystery shopper during the visit, he or she will mention it in their report.

  1. Cleanliness

An unclean restaurant makes the visitors think that the food in this restaurant may be spoiled or poisoned. This also applies to employees who work with food. The neatness of washrooms, tables, and protective gloves and hats give an extra score for your restaurant. So, mystery shopping inspection will reveal if they are kept in your restaurant all the time.

  1. The quality of food

Food must be served hot, fresh, and prepared in accordance with recipes. However, cases, when chefs instead of following standards, use a less amount of products and sneak saved ones for their own use, are widespread.  A well-trained mystery shopper can distinguish if the dishes meet requirements.

  1. General impression

Visitors search not only for food but also for the atmosphere and small details. However, it is complicated to stay objective in evaluating the things you design. Mystery shoppers can give you independent and objective feedback, taking into consideration the professional requirements of the field.

Restaurant Mystery Shopping in practice

One of our clients, the manager of the restaurant, was satisfied with the overall chain performance, however, two branches didn’t show the same sales level. It was necessary to identify the reasons for the problem before taking any particular measures. Thus, the restaurateur requested mystery shopping inspections, and for good reason.

During the inspection, we found out that in one of the branches waiters had clashes with the kitchen staff. It caused confusion of orders, slow service. Besides, customers didn’t like to observe heated scenes and flustered staff. In another branch, there were two main problems: personnel didn’t do upselling, and the smell came from the kitchen to the hall due to the dirty extractor hood that was supposed to be cleaned regularly.

After the inspection, we analyzed the report and visual evidence of the secret shopper and made recommendations for upgrading the services and gaining the client’s loyalty.

Such issues often happen in the industry; employees do their best to please their supervisors during an internal evaluation but become less dedicated when it is over. However, mystery shoppers put themselves in the customer’s shoes to help you get the most accurate information. check our restaurant mystery shopper service.

Top 4 Advantages Of Mystery Shoppers For Restaurants

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