What’s Ghost Shopping

Ghost shopping, also called mystery shopping, secret shopping, and so many other names. Ghost shopping is a tool of market research, where an undercover employee visits a place (restaurant, hotel, bank, retail shop, airline company…) to assess the quality of service offered.

What's Ghost Shopping & How it Works
Is Ghost Shopping Worthy?

As a business owner, general manager, or quality assurance manager, you want to make sure your customers get the perfect product/ service to gain their loyalty. But you know, evaluating and testing the quality of service your staff offer, and even measuring your customer satisfaction isn’t an easy job. You can ask your customers but will you really get the answers that will help you improve your performance?. According to statistics, 90% of customers who are unhappy will not say anything directly to you but shift immediately to your competitor.
This is why hiring a mystery shopper will help you get an accurate and objective evaluation of your business.

How Does Ghost Shopping Work?

What aspects of your business do you need to test? When you hire a ghost shopping agency, you will meet to identify what will be tested and evaluated. Each industry has some constant areas to be tested, but as previously mentioned, you can add other areas you believe will help to evaluate your business and improve its performance.

In the next step, the ghost shopping agency will elaborate on the checklist and assign the task to one of its professional mystery shoppers.
The ghost shopper will go into your organization as an ordinary customer. He will test the agreed-upon areas and scenarios. For instance, the cleanliness of the place, how your staff responds to complaints, if they’re following the right procedures and guidelines, they’re wearing the uniform, and other factors according to the industry and the deal made.

The last step is to analyze the gathered data, and then, a report will be handed to you, highlighting your strengths and areas of improvement, maybe you can get some recommendations too, this is according to the deal.

What’s Ghost Shopping & How it Works
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