It’s Ramadan! This holy month is a great occasion for family and friends’ gatherings, practicing religious rituals, and having Iftar and Suhoor at new places.

Ramadan is known for being the peak season for restaurants and cafés, and you definitely want to provide your visitors with unforgettable Ramadan nights!


Despite the great opportunity for restaurants to get more visits in Ramadan, there are common complaints that turn visitors’ experience into a negative one.

Here comes the role of evaluation services … They help you spot the issues that might turn your visitors into unhappy ones so that you can overcome them and get your restaurant fully booked all over the month.

Why Your Restaurant Should Get Evaluation Services

Why Your Restaurant Should Get Evaluation Services

Test Food Quality

Poor quality of food is the most common complaint about restaurants during Ramadan. Due to a large number of orders prepared at the same time, plates are sometimes served cold, not prepared the way you ordered, not as tasty as before Ramadan, or served late after Al Adhan. Portions served are also an important point to evaluate, whether it’s enough in accordance with the meal price or not, and also if they’re fixed or not.  

Evaluate Service Quality

Are your staff paying attention to all the tables? Did they serve all the food at the same time? How long did the guest wait until they cleared away empty plates? How often do they check tables? How long do your guests have to wait until they get the check? How do they deal with complaints and negative comments? All of these questions must be answered if you want to gain the loyalty of your guests.

Assess Cleanliness

This is a critical aspect to evaluate in the food & beverage industry. Definitely, food cleanliness is the first and most important to measure but not the only one. Assess the cleanliness of the floors, the tables, the ceiling, plates, glasses, and tableware. Is there dust? Is the ashtray clean?

Examine Staff Knowledge of Menu

Do your staff really know every single item on the menu? Or they ask your guests to wait until they ask the branch manager or their colleague about a certain item? Do they come back to your guests after they order and tell them “sorry, the plate you ordered isn’t available now” or they know what is not available and inform guests on spot? This is a critical evaluation criterion, especially in case your restaurant serves food such as Sushi, so your visitors may have questions to ask to the server.

Examine Staff Knowledge of Menu

To Cut It Short

Getting evaluation services will help you avoid this unnecessary headache and negative reputation. A professional mystery shopper will assess all aspects that should be evaluated in a restaurant, from the parking to the atmosphere, to the time of arrival of the food, its quality, cleanliness, taste, and the friendliness of your staff, their response to guests’ comments, and many other aspects you’d want to evaluate in order to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience not only of food but of ambiance too during the holy month and all over the year.

4 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Should Get Evaluation Services

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