4 Quality Management Issues In Hospitality Industry


50 % of loyal customers don’t mind to try the service of your competitors. This means competition in the hospitality sector is getting heated. Despite the long history of Quality management and numerous studies and researches, your job is getting even more challenging than in the past because the clients’ demands have increased, people are willing to spread long negative reviews on every minor issue on social media, while you have to pull positive feedback out of them.


So, what are the main quality management issues in hospitality industry that might affect your organization’s name?


   1. Unexpected can be expected

     The main focus in hospitality now is customer over satisfaction. It isn’t sufficient to provide qualitative basic and expected services anymore. You must amaze your client even with details. For example, some hotels can position free coffee or free breakfasts as unexpected service. However, if this service shifted to expected demands, customers will consider it as granted, so you will not reach your goal. To understand your customers’ expectations, you should study them and track the activities of your competitors.

     For example, you can pay anonymous visits to your competitors, launch surveys or ask your guests to fill in a feedback form.

 2. Standards can’t be correlated with the structure

Quality management tracks the customers’ needs and with the best will in the world implements new initiatives. However, sometimes innovations are launched without consideration of the current structure. For example, JTHCA  mentioned the case when a quality management department of the hotel launched an in-house laundry. However, there was no sufficient space, so the laundry didn’t fulfill expectations.

Thus, quality management in hospitality industry must balance the capacity of the company and customer demands.

3. Quality systems are not followed

Even if a hotel establishes clear quality management regulations and instructions, there is a high risk that employees will not follow procedures. There are several reasons cause this issue:

  • Lack of qualification:

Employees didn’t get comprehensive information and their training was just a formality, consequently, they just don’t know standards and learn their job by trial and error.

  • Lack of motivation:

Motivation is an especially thorny issue for millennials and post-millennials. Salary is not a spark for them, so you need to explore this topic in depth. In case it’s just negligence, the best tactic is to focus on keeping good people.

4. Quality measurement can’t be conducted accurately

Self-evaluation by the hotel is very important so that the hoteliers can identify and smoothen all the shortcomings. The five gap model, The Critical Incident Technique, Perceived quality service model are only a few of the methods serve this purpose. However, even The SERVQUAL scale is being criticized. The main disadvantage of these methods is a bias factor. Even if you conduct an internal evaluation with a sober mind, you will always have blind spots in the service that can be noticed by a disinterested party.

So, get as factual analysis as you can, try to make outsourced expertise. Also, you can take advantage of Mystery shopping service. In the USA this method has been conducted for 40 years, and nowadays it’s more advanced thanks to software and Big Data.

To sum up, companies provide hospitality services will always face issues because of the intangibility and increasing demands of customers. That’s why the best way for you to overcome all of these issues is to focus on customer satisfaction and demolish the factors affecting service in the hotel industry. It’s challenging but you can always gather the information with surveys, field researches, and Mystery shopping services. you can check our hotel mystery shopper service. 

4 Quality Management Issues In Hospitality Industry To Pay Attention For
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